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MarCom Consulting is here to give you the latest technology to improve your sales, dramatically improve customer retention, utilize emerging technologies and set examples others follow.

The Newest Trends

The latest in web design and innovation are websites that empower the user, you, to interact directly with your content. But easier –  no complex learning curve is required. Basically, you use your web browser. That’s all.

A hobby? A simple enthusiast? A point and shoot digital camera and a headline a day puts this site on the top of most “ukulele” searches. A few more entries and Google Adwords could cover the yearly hosting fee!

Traditional print media can conform nicely online. Here branding is most important. Like-looking media across all platforms (print, online, advertising, etc.) and sizzling photos show off quality and dependability. Add a CGI dealer lookup, open source forum, throw in some vendor and dealer links and NOW you’re marketing!

Got a club to run? How about 2500 happy soccer players in two zip codes? Only one webmaster can keep this site humming to the whistle of a referee and the cheers of thousands of parents!

It may look like… well… middle school. And it is! One webmaster can keep up with almost 2000 students, more than half that many parents on the PTA, teachers, classes, districts, local, state and national PTA… all done with a few mouse clicks a day.

These are just a few new sites updated within the last couple months. Your website is next! Let me know how I can make the magic happen for you.

Stay tuned for more updates about services, addons, and extra features bundled with your MarCom Consulting hosted accounts.

Have an idea? Let me know!